Biscuit Castle Online Cookie Delivery Bristol Custom Letterbox Gift Corporate Event Catering Gifting

From corporate gifting to buttering up prospective clients. 


Branded products or maybe just a treat for the team?

We've got you covered!




Various Options Suited to Your Needs



Biscuit Castle Online Cookie Delivery Bristol Custom Letterbox Gift Corporate Event Catering Gifting

Perfect for personalisation & reinforcing your branding.


Whether you are attending fairs, looking to impress new clients or promoting new products; we can help you with edible treats to leave a lasting impression of your business.

Your company logo or colours can be printed or decorated as required.



Biscuit Castle Online Cookie Delivery Bristol Custom Letterbox Gift Corporate Event Catering Gifting

Perfect for showing staff & clients how much they mean to you.

Whether you are looking to treat your staff, boost your relationship with existing clients, celebrate a specific event or provide for those stuck working over Christmas; we can help you spread the happiness.

Products can come wrapped and designed as simply or elaborately as you wish so lets talk about what you need.

Events and


Biscuit Castle Online Cookie Delivery Bristol Custom Letterbox Gift Corporate Event Catering Gifting

Perfect for when you are catering for a crowd.

Whether you need something to give a perfect end to a client lunch, hosting regular internal or external meetings or organising a large scale conference; we can make sure you have the quantity [and quality] that suits.

Taking one thing off your plate, but adding cookies to it... any time, any size.

Branded Products & Pricing


The Biscuit Castle Printed Corporate Sug
The Biscuit Castle Printed Corporate Sug

From £2 Per Biscuit

Any flavour biscuit topped with a fondant disk printed with your logo of choice!


The Biscuit Castle Stencilled Corporate
The Biscuit Castle Stencilled Sugar Cook

From £4 Per Biscuit

Any flavour biscuit topped with  piped royal icing and a stencil design of your logo of choice!


The Biscuit Castle Hand-Piped Sugar Cook
The Biscuit Castle Hand-Piped Sugar Cook

From £6 Per Biscuit

Any flavour biscuit topped with  piped royal icing and your logo of choice hand-piped!

The Biscuit Castle Corporate Test Design

For every 100 biscuits ordered, receive 10% off!


Save up to 50% off your total order!

Discounts &

Test Batches

Want to try before you buy? We totally understand. After all, we want you to be happy with the biscuits you're ordering!

You can order a test batch of your logo to see how it will turn out in the different design methods; or, a test run of the different flavours we offer to see what you like best.


You can even work with us to design your own flavour too!

We're here for you every step of the way so don't hesitate to get in touch.


Biscuit Flavours

Here at The Biscuit Castle, we make sure our flavours are the best they can be. We're constantly trying new combinations and are more than happy to work with you to come up with more!

For some inspiration, here are some of our most popular options:

Apple Pie, Biscoff, Cherry Bakewell, Chilli Chocolate, Chocolate Orange / Mint, Double Chocolate, Espresso, Gingerbread, Lemon & Poppyseed, Orange & Cardamom, Passion Fruit, Strawberry & Vanilla Bean

People We've Worked With

Biscuit Castle Online Cookie Delivery Bristol Custom Letterbox Gift Corporate Event Catering Gifting Subscription

Corporate Catering

We can cater for any ongoing needs such as regular staff meetings and annual gifts.


We can also work with you for special occasions such as office celebrations and client events.


Just let us know what you need and we'll be more than happy to help!


How Can We Help?


Frequently Asked Questions!

Why use edible branding?


People like food! It’s a fact. Whether you are promoting your business at functions or events or looking to treat your loyal customers, food is a great way to go. Everyone needs a pen, so every company brands a pen! Therefore, why not stand out from the crowd with something tasty and memorable?


Which option should I go for, what do you suggest?


The printed biscuits are perfect for large scale orders. They can produce an exact replica of your logo in the most cost-effective manner. Great for brand awareness or all staff gifting for big companies.


The stencilled biscuits are best suited for striking icons. It’s worth considering your logo and thinking if it can be translated well into a stencil. While the printed biscuits use fondant, the stencilled ones use royal icing which tastes (in our opinion) 100 times nicer! Great for when you want to leave a lasting impression.


The hand-piped biscuits take the longest to produce but are highly customisable and work wonders with image-based logos. Due to being individually hand-piped, each can be personalised and, as such, are ideal for corporate gifting.


How do the biscuits come packaged?


As a standard, each biscuit will be individually sealed in eco-cellophane bags. They will be boxed in bulk for delivery to your chosen address.


Alternatively, we are happy to work with you to provide branded packaging or customised gift boxes depending on the occasion.


Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.


What is the lead time like?


As you can imagine, this is completely dependant on the style of biscuit and the quantity ordered.


We’d suggest larger orders contact us about six weeks before they are needed. Smaller orders could be complete within a couple of weeks depending on how many other orders we have.


The more time we have, the smoother the production goes so feel free to contact us to see about availability.


Is there a minimum order quantity?


The minimum quantity we can offer is 10 biscuits.


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